Clearfield County, PA – Over this previous weekend, officers wanted to make sure that drivers in Clearfield County were staying safe. They set up a sobriety checkpoint area and checked on at least 150 motorists for signs of drunkenness or impairment.

They made three DUI arrests, one criminal arrest, 7 summary traffic alerts, and 29 warnings issued for traffic offenses.

Although these checkpoints can take a while and end up slowing down traffic, it’s all about ensuring that drivers are staying safe on the roadways. Many thanks to our police for another job well done!

Remember, there is never any excuse for driving after you’ve had any alcohol or if you’re otherwise impaired. If you are intoxicated at all, either stay where you are until you’re sober, get a ride home with a sober friend, or find a taxi/Uber/Lyft.

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