DuBois, PA – The renovated Sheetz in Downtown DuBois is set to reopen tomorrow! Continue reading to find out what you can expect to see when you step inside the new Sheetz on Brady Street.

Brian Dinges, a real estate site selector for Sheetz, describes what to expect.

There are more pumps than before, and the inside of the store is roomier. Because of the larger lot and more parking spaces, getting in and out of the new Sheetz store should be a little easier than it was before.

Dinges says the new store will look similar to many of the newer, modern Sheetz stores, with made-to-order touchscreen stations, indoor seating, an ice cream and frozen yogurt bar, and expanded beverages.

The new Brady Street Sheetz will even sell six-packs of beer and bottles of wine.

Check back in tomorrow for more interviews, videos and photos.