Clearfield, PA – A former employee at the Clearfield County Courthouse is filing a whistleblower lawsuit after being fired by Prothonotary Brian Spencer.

Spencer had fired Linda Luce in February. She had worked in the Clerk of Court office for 28 years. Luce’s lawsuit says that a major backlog of paperwork began in the office because one man was neglecting his work.

She says that Spencer hired one of his friends, Stephen Marshall, to do some of the work in the office. Luce says she had complained that Marshall was getting paid to do little or no work. Shortly after she complained, she was fired.

She’s asking for more than $20,000 for loss of income and benefits and damages for emotional distress.

Spencer is running for re-election this year. He says the lawsuit is part of a political attack focused on influencing the outcome of the election.

Multiple judges have written to Spencer to also complain about the backlog of paperwork, which is holding up some of their proceedings. They have signed court orders that establish a timeline for Spencer to complete the paperwork. If he doesn’t do so in time, he could be held in contempt of court.

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