DuBois, PA – People who use water from the DuBois reservoir have been seeing a slightly yellow or brown tinge to their water recently.

The City of DuBois manager, Herm Suplizio, says that they are working on the problem and that it’s likely caused by an increase in manganese in the water. It does not pose any health risk.

Again, the City of DuBois says that the water poses no health risk. However, they understand that you might want to talk to someone about the water situation. If you have any questions, please call the DuBois City Office at 371-2000.

If your water smells or tastes different than usual, you might want to purchase a few gallons of drinking water for your home. Although the city water is safe to use, you might be more comfortable using bottled water.

Crews from the City of DuBois are working to balance the chemical levels in the reservoir, and water should be back to normal shortly.

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