Penfield, PA – Two Reynoldsville men are being charged for allegedly breaking into a Penfield home and assaulting two people.

21-year-old Frank Rodgers and 20-year-old Dylan Tapper have been charged with burglary, criminal trespass, simple assault and harassment.

According to reports, Rodgers and Tapper went through the front door of a home in Penfield on July 30. Once inside, Tapper allegedly yelled and swore at the victim before flipping the man’s bed and punching him in the face.

Tapper allegedly also hit a woman in the stomach several times before throwing her to the ground and fleeing.

Both victims say that Tapper was the one who assaulted them and Rodgers was an accomplice. Police say that both victims had multiple injuries and their story checks out. Officers visited the home and found the bed flipped just like the victims had claimed.

Rodgers’ preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 1. There is no word yet on when Tapper will appear in court.

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