Clearfield, PA – Two brothers from Clearfield who were accused of stealing metal in May had preliminary hearings this week.

33-year-old Scott Robison and 34-year-old Allen Robison III, both of Clearfield, have both been charged with felony counts of burglary and criminal trespass, among other lesser theft charges.

On May 17, police were called out for suspicious activity on East Walnut Street in Clearfield. They found Allen and Scott Robison in a Chevy Blazer that was carrying a large amount of metal piping.

The brothers were allegedly planning on selling the metal for scrap at Novey’s Recycling. Novey’s estimates that the metal weighed about 1,500 and was worth a little more than $100.

A hazardous chemical, tetrachloroethylene, leaked from a pipe while the brothers were allegedly removing the metal from one of the properties. Bigler Boyz Environmental estimates that the cleanup of the chemical will cost about $5,000.

Allen Robison failed to appear for his hearing, and a bench warrant has been served. Scott Robison waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

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