Ridgway, PA – The Pennsylvania Game Commission captured and euthanized two “suspicious deer” in Ridgway on Wednesday. They will be testing them for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Both deer had identification tags in their ears, which indicates that they were at one time part of a captive-deer herd.

The Department of Agriculture manages deer farming operations in Pennsylvania, so the Game Commission will work alongside them to determine who owned the deer. They want to know if the deer escaped a facility or were intentionally released into the wild.

CWD is highly contagious among deer and elk and is found more often in captive deer, so the discovery of captive deer in the wild raises concerns that the disease could have spread to the wild deer population.

If you have seen these deer in recent days, or know from where they might have originated, please contact the Game Commission’s Northcentral Office at 570-398-4744, or 570-398-4745.