Brookville, PA – Brookville Council last night approved a mutual aid agreement with the Borough of Clarion. Brookville Police has formed an alliance to assist police in Punxsutawney, Clarion, Reynoldsville and Brockway when they each need backup.

So far, Clarion and Punxsy have approved the agreement, which also provides insurance to protect officers in the event of an injury when responding to incidents outside their own jurisdiction.

Reporter John Pozza has the details.

Following a hearing prior to the regular meeting, council adopted a resolution approving the transfer of a liquor license from Punxsutawney to the Sheetz on Allegheny Boulevard. The license will allow Sheetz to sell beer and wine. It’s council’s third approved liquor license transfer in the past month. Council previously approved license transfers to the Giant Eagle Get Go on Allegheny Blvd. and the Opera House Café on Main Street.

Due to paving bids coming in lower than expected, council approved using left over paving funds to apply a new base surface for Rose Street, Thompson Street and Depot Street, as well as new curbing from Rose Siding to Thompson. Council also approved the placement of bike racks along the curb side of Main Street downtown.

Police Chief Jason Brown also announced that Brookville is now participating in the nationwide Child Safe program that insures the safety of registered firearms in homes. Two free safety kits per family will be available upon request at the police station on Second Street.