DuBois, PA – A DuBois man was in court and waived his right to a preliminary hearing for charges of selling heroin that caused at least two overdoses.

22-year-old Terron Davis-Williams was arrested on July 7 in DuBois after he allegedly sold heroin to a confidential informant and then fled from police. He reportedly sold 50 stamp bags of heroin, and he was found to be transporting 100 additional stamp bags.

The controlled buy was set up after an ongoing investigation by police. Williams is facing drug charges in two other cases in which he allegedly sold heroin. He remains incarcerated at the county jail in lieu of $50,000 bail in each case.

The confidential informant gave the heroin to the officers. The bags were stamped with the word “spider.”

Police were investigating the overdose of a man who had reportedly bought the same kind of heroin from Williams on June 29. The man required medical attention to save his life.

Another man overdosed under similar circumstances on June 30 and was able to be revived with medical intervention.

We’ll keep you updated as the court case for Williams continues.