Pennsylvania – Throughout Pennsylvania, state-owned universities were struggling with a tough question: Would they be forced to close their doors? The answer now is hopefully no.

After a year-long review by an external company, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (or NCHEMS), the results are back. NCHEMS review sends a clear message that closing any of the institutions would be a mistake.

Click Here to download and read the entire presentation given by NCHEMS.

President emeritus of NCHEMS, Dennis Jones, has said that closing any of the universities would fly directly in the face of providing access to the students that the universities are supposed to serve. They also suggest not merging any of the schools together.

Instead, they suggest cutting administrative red tape and streamlining as much funding as possible between the schools.

For many, this is easier said than done. The PA State System of Higher Education, of PASSHE, has been trying to find ways for several years to combat declining enrollment.

PASSHE will official review the recommendations next month and begin implementing a plan by Fall of 2017.