Falls Creek, PA – Steeple Furniture wasn’t pulling any punches with their latest donation to their recipient of the Hometown Hope award… the WPAL Boxing and Fitness Center in DuBois!

Steeple Furniture of Rockton teamed up with their customers to help out the WPAL, a nonprofit that offers free workouts, boxing and other classes to kids under 18 or who are still in school.

Executive director of the WPAL, Aaron Beatty, says its one way of keeping the fights off the streets and into the ring.

They also offer free memberships for law enforcement, which helps the kids build some positive relationships with the police. You can check out the WPAL Boxing and Fitness Center at 37 East Long Avenue in DuBois.

Aaron Beatty explains what the WPAL does, how it changes the lives of local kids, and how it helps so immensely when organizations like Steeple Furniture make donations.

The WPAL was chosen by Steeple Furniture to be the June recipient of the Hometown Hope broadcasting grant, which rewards local nonprofits for their outstanding commitment to our community. Many thanks to Steeple for yet again donating to a worthy, local cause!

Steeple Furniture will be helping out the Free Medical Clinic of DuBois in July for Sunny 106’s Hometown Hope program, so keep listening because during this month we’ll be talking about another great opportunity to help out your friends and neighbors.