Clearfield, PA – If a fire starts in your building, what do you do? When an electrical fire started on the roof of the Clearfield County Courthouse Annex building on the morning of May 16, Rick Redden and three other employees knew what they had to do.

They wanted to catch the fire early and keep the other people in the building safe.

Redden describes what happened.


Their actions saved the Clearfield County Courthouse, and they’re being recognized for their bravery. County employees Rick Redden, director of domestic relations, Adam Curry, IT director, and maintenance employees Jim Luce and Barry Angstadt were recognized yesterday for suppressing fire and keeping it from spreading throughout the courthouse.


John Sallade, the director of insurance for the Pennsylvania County Commissioners Association, wanted to recognize the employees for not only saving the county money but also for saving lives.


The Clearfield Borough Fire Department was also recognized for their response to the fire.

Pennsylvania Counties Risk Pool presented employees with award plaques and a gift, and made a $1,000 donation to the fire department.

PCoRP is a program of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. An intergovernmental cooperative, PCoRP provides property, auto, liability, crime and cyber coverage to 51 counties in Pennsylvania. PCoRP is owned and governed by its member counties, and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.