Harrisburg, PA – When people think of impaired driving and DUIs, they usually think of alcohol. However, remember that using any drug, including medications that were prescribed to you, can impair your driving.

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause slowed reflexes, blurred vision, or drowsiness and dizziness. Drugs can affect people differently based on, among other things, their age and weight, both of which can influence how a person absorbs the chemicals.

Drivers should remember that anything that affects your ability to drive safely could cause you to be guilty of driving under the influence. Some safe driving recommendations for those taking medications:

  • Avoid driving if you don’t know how a drug affects you.
  • Take your medicine at the prescribed doses and at the prescribed intervals.
  • If you are tired, sick or disoriented, don’t drive.
  • Plan your driving around medication dosages and drive when you are least likely to present side effects.
  • Never combine medication(s) and alcohol.
  • If you need to travel and don’t feel comfortable driving, take public transportation or call for a driver.

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