Lawrence Township, PA – More than 206 municipal agencies, including the Lawrence Township Police near Clearfield, will be focusing their efforts on catching aggressive drivers from now until Aug. 27.

It’s called the “Aggressive Driving Enforcement Waive,” and you can expect police officers to hand out more tickets to drivers who are running red lights, failing to steer clear, tailgating and speeding. Drivers who are exhibiting other unsafe behaviors, such as driving too fast for conditions, following too closely or others will also be cited for their actions.

The most common aggressive driving behavior that police will ticket for is speeding. Last year, municipal police wrote 45,136 aggressive driving-related citations, including 28,235 for speeding. Failing to stop for red lights and stop signs was the second most common offense, with 2,807 citations. The extra enforcement is funded by the PennDOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.