Harrisburg, PA – Not only is a medical marijuana grow center coming to Brookville, but medical marijuana dispensary permits were awarded to the DuBois Wellness Centers in DuBois and Brookville.

Medical marijuana became legal in Pennsylvania in April of 2016. Patients have to be certified by a physician that they have one of 17 approved medical conditions that would warrant cannabis use, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Under the law, patients can take the medicine by pill, oil, vapor, ointment or liquid, but not in the form that can be smoked. These forms of medical marijuana have very low levels of THC, the chemical in marijuana that produces a high. Patients still get medical relief without the psychoactive effects.

In addition to providing needed medical treatment, the program is expected to create local processing and dispensing jobs.

The dispensaries in our listening area will include the DuBois Wellness Centers, on South Brady Street in DuBois in Clearfield County and on West Main Street in Brookville in Jefferson County. The primary location for the dispensary for the DuBois Wellness Center company will be in Bradford in McKean County.

The permittees will now have six months in which to become operational, before they can begin dispensing medical marijuana.