Pennsylvania, PA – This Independence Day, a record-breaking 44.2 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home, taking to the nation’s roads, skies, rails and waterways to honor the red, white and blue.

With 1.25 million more travelers than last year, 2017 will be marked as the most traveled Independence Day holiday weekend ever.

AAA says the roads will be busier than usual from today until Tuesday. Cheaper gas prices are also making it more appealing to drive somewhere for the holiday weekend. In Pennsylvania, gas prices have dropped unexpectedly by about 5 cents a gallon, likely because of larger gas inventory. As demand for gas grows during the summer, prices will likely rise.

The vast majority of travelers—37.5 million people across America—will drive to their Independence Day destinations, an increase of 2.9 percent over last year. Air travel is expected to increase 4.6 percent over last year, with 3.44 million Americans taking to the skies this Independence Day.  Travel by other modes of transportation (including cruises, trains, and buses) will increase 1.4 percent, to 3.27 million travelers.

Travelers can expect lower prices for car rentals and hotels this Independence Day weekend.  According to AAA’s Leisure Travel Index, daily car rental rates will average $65, which is 14 percent less than last Independence Day.  Hotel costs are the same as last year, with the average AAA Three Diamond Rated hotel costing $185 per night.

AAA expects to rescue more than 338,000 motorists across America this Independence Day weekend, with the primary reasons being lockouts, flat tires and battery-related issues.  If you’re planning on taking a roadtrip, make sure to check your car before you head out. Oil changes, fluid level checks, battery tests, and tire inspections go a long way toward reducing the chances of a breakdown.

With all of the extra traffic, it could take longer than expected to get where you’re going over the holiday weekend. Give yourself some extra time. You’ll feel less stressed, and you won’t be tempted to speed. We’re expecting some rain for the beginning of the weekend, so watch out for slick roads.

Eliminate distractions. Don’t use your cell phone or other devices while you drive. No text or phone call is more important than keeping your eyes on the road. Plan out your route beforehand so you’re not constantly looking at your GPS.

If you have kids in the car, give them a safe, quiet activity to keep them busy. Make sure your car has plenty of gas, the tires are properly inflated, the oil is good, and your engine is running smoothly before making any big road trips.

If alcohol is going to be a part of your 4th of July celebrations, make sure that everyone has a safe and sober ride home.

You can find more information about AAA’s expectations for 4th of July travel at their website.