DuBois, PA – The DuBois Chamber of Commerce is warning that a scam company is using their name to try to sell you products.

They say that a company called “Word of Mouth” is soliciting a directory of some kind to a variety of local businesses and is claiming to be associated with the DuBois Chamber. They stress that this is not a Chamber-endorsed product and that they have no relationship with the company.

Currently, our DuBois Chamber office only does two projects a year, a local map and our printed membership directory and profile guide. Both projects are done by Centre Publications, Inc. who is also a Greater DuBois Chamber Member.

If you receive additional solicitation calls besides Centre Publications saying they are calling on behalf of the DuBois Chamber of Commerce, please call the real Chamber at 814-371-5010 and let them know.

Find more information about what the Chamber does by visiting www.duboispachamber.com.