DuBois, PA – Several months after the original investigation, a DuBois woman has pleaded guilty to having a meth lab in her home with her three children.

34-year-old Samantha Bish pleaded guilty to conspiracy of operating a meth lab and conspiracy of possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine. She’s been sentenced to 8.5 months to 2 years less a day in jail, plus 2 years consecutive probation.

She also pleaded guilty to conspiracy of possession with intent to deliver oxycodone. She was sentenced to the exact amount of time as the other case, and the sentences will be served at the same time. Samantha Bish had no criminal history prior to these cases, which may have led to a lighter sentence.

It dates back to Oct. 12, when police came to the DuBois home of Samantha Bish and her husband, 38-year-old Jeffrey Bish, for other drug charges. The couple had allegedly sold oxycodone to a confidential informant, and police were serving arrest warrants for that case.

When officers arrived at the home, however, they also found meth and substances generally used to make meth. The area had to be evacuated as police cleared the home of hazardous chemicals. Two children were in the home at the time and another had already left for school.

Jeffrey Bish was facing similar charges to his wife’s. He signed a plea agreement and is being sent for an evaluation for the State Intermediate Punishment program, which is designed for individuals convicted of drug-related offenses that are low-level, non-violent crimes. He also pleaded guilty to the oxycodone charges. He was sentenced to 90 days to 1 year in jail, plus 1 year consecutive probation.