Brookville, PA – Twelve medical marijuana growers and processors were awarded permits throughout Pennsylvania, including a permit for a grow site in Brookville.

Cresco Yeltrah LLC will begin work on a 46,000-square-foot grow center in Brookville as soon as possible. The company announced that their goal is to bring their medical marijuana products to the market before any other company.

The medical marijuana cultivation license is part of the Pennsylvania Compassionate Medical Cannabis program. Medical marijuana became legal in Pennsylvania in April of 2016. Patients have to be certified by a physician that they have one of 17 approved medical conditions that would warrant cannabis use, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Cresco Yeltrah is a combination of members of the Hartley family from Butler County and a Chicago-based medical marijuana company, Cresco Labs. Cresco Yeltrah plans on producing oral sprays, sublingual digestible tablets and transdermal patches. These products use cannabis oil, which has very low levels of THC, the chemical in marijuana that produces a high.  They say that patients still get medical relief without the psychoactive effects.

Cresco Yeltrah co-founder Charlie Bachtell has said that he hopes to become the state leader in medical marijuana. He says he wants to manufacture high-quality products that will help provide relief to patients. Once the grow center gets underway, he hopes that it will provide a boost to the economy in Jefferson County.

The director of Pennsylvania’s Office of Medical Marijuana said that the department received 177 applications for prospective growers and processors. Cresco Yeltrah receive the second highest score on their proposal. Yesterday, only 12 of those applicants were given permits to grow marijuana. The companies that received the permits now have 6 months to become operational before they can actually start to grow anything.