Sandy Township, PA – A Sandy Township resident reported a possible scam on Friday. The victim says that she thought she had found an apartment to rent in State College.

When she answered the ad, the woman who responded claimed to be hard of hearing and said she preferred to communicate by email and text.

The Sandy Township woman said the other woman wanted her to send $1,200 via MoneyGram to her in Texas and then said she would send the key to the apartment by FedEx. The Sandy Township woman did send the money but never received a key.

Police are still investigating the incident, but it shows many signs of being a scam. If a person gives strange reasons for not being able to contact you, if they’re trying to sell or buy something from another state, or if they ask you to send money via a wire/Western Union/MoneyGram, it could be a scam.

You can always check in with your local police or bank to see if they believe something is a scam and ask for their advice.