DuBois, PA – As we get closer to the 4th of July, police are preparing to have extra officers on the roadways, looking for impaired drivers.

Police throughout Clearfield and Jefferson Counties will have DUI checkpoints, especially around the July 4th weekend.

If alcohol is going to be a part of any of your summer celebrations, plan ahead of time to make sure that everyone has a sober ride home.

Tips for celebrating safely:

  • Designate enough sober drivers to make sure that everyone can get home safely
  • If a designated driver drinks unexpectedly, call a sober friend who you know hasn’t been drinking, call a taxi or spend the night where you are
  • Make a rule that guests who plan on drinking have to hand over their keys beforehand
  • Plan to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks at your party so designated drivers can have a fun time and remain sober
  • Remember that people who have been drinking heavily throughout the night could wake up and still be too intoxicated to drive home