Clearfield, PA – A Morrisdale man who had been staying at a Clearfield home as a fugitive will stand trial for allegedly for having explosive materials, including an active pipe bomb.

23-year-old Jonathan Harvey faces felony charges of weapons of mass destruction, plus a misdemeanor charge of making repairs or selling offensive weapons. His bail is set at $50,000.

On March 1, police received a tip from a parole officer that a fugitive, identified as Harvey, was staying at a home in Lawrence Township. Harvey was allegedly staying with 22-year-old Jake Schneider of Munson at a home on Daisy Street Extension near Clearfield. Harvey had an active warrant for fleeing from Tomorrow’s Hope, a transitional housing unit in Coalport.

After police arrived at the home, Harvey eventually gave himself up without incident. Schneider was already on probation and was placed on a detainer for harboring a fugitive. However, now he faces more serious charges.

While searching the home, police found several vacuum-sealed pouches of suspected synthetic marijuana or K2. Other drugs and drug paraphernalia were found at the scene. They also reportedly found items that are generally used to make homemade pipe bombs, including gun powder, wire, caps and the end of a pipe. At the bottom of a bag, they found an active pipe bomb, which was later defused.

Harvey did not provide any details on the explosive items, but he allegedly said that he knew that they were in the home. He said that they did not make them to harm anyone specifically. Security footage later showed Schneider purchasing the items used to make the pipe bomb.

Schneider is facing similar charges to Harvey. Schneider is charged with felony weapons of mass destruction and felony manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver. He also faces misdemeanors for use or possession of a controlled substance, intentional possession of a controlled substance, and hindering arrest.

When police took Schneider’s electronics for the investigation, they allegedly found evidence that he was visiting the “Dark Web,” a way of remaining anonymous online that can involve drugs, weapons and other illegal activity.
Schneider’s hearing is set for June 21.