Sigel, PA – It’s only been a little more than a week since fire destroyed part of the Farmer’s Inn in Sigel, but the owners are already planning on reopening.

Farmer’s Inn will be back open for business on Saturday. Although some work still needs to be done, the grounds have been cleared of debris so that it’s safe for customers to walk around.

Owner Kim Lucas says she wants to rebuild the restaurant building after summer is over. For now, the sandwich shop and ice cream parlor have been moved temporarily into the furniture store.

Over Memorial Day weekend on May 30, the Farmer’s Inn restaurant, ice cream and gift shop building burned to the ground in a massive fire. No people or animals were injured.

The cause is still being determined, and the fire marshal has asked for photos and videos that anyone might have of the beginning stages of the early morning fire.

Farmer’s Inn employees are eager to get back to business. They’re inviting people back out for the reopening on Saturday, with the sandwich shop and ice cream parlor operating in a limited capacity. The petting zoo, driving range, mini golf and outpost will all be open over the weekend.