Pennsylvania – Planning a summer road trip? Gas prices always tend to rise at the beginning of the busy summer driving season. Here’s what to expect for the next few months.

Gas prices in Western PA are currently hovering around $2.63 per gallon. The national average right now is $2.38.
Click Here to listen as Community Relations Manager for AAA East Central, Jim Garrity, gives his prediction of what we’re likely to see for the next couple of months.
In short, gas prices will be at their peak at the beginning of the summer, likely in mid-June. Prices will plateau and remain steady for the rest of the summer. Gas prices will dip back down to a lower cost in the fall as producers switch to a winter blend.

Pennsylvania is on the list of the top 10 most expensive gasoline prices in the country. Part of the reason why Pennsylvania’s cost is so much greater is because of a high gas tax throughout the state. This gas tax goes towards paying for construction and maintenance on state roads, along with some funding for state troopers who travel on state highways.

If you’re planning on travelling out of state, you might want to consider fueling up before crossing back into PA.