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Noon - 3pm
3pm - 6pm


Reiter Than You
6pm - 10pm


Midnight - 1am

1am - 5am


Jill On The Money
6am - 8am
The Money Pit
8am - 10am

Re-Run of Sound Money Mgt.
w/ Chuck Johnson of
Guardian Planners
10am - 10:30am
The John Biggie
Saturday Show
10:30am - 11am

11am - 1pm

The Best of Clark Howard
1pm - 4pm

CBS Sports Talk
6pm - Midnight


CBS Sports Talk
Midnight - 6am

The Larry Kudlow Show
6am - 9am

Into Tomorrow with
Dave Graveline
9am - 11am

11am - 1pm

CBS Sports Talk
2pm - 6pm

6pm - 8pm


Cigar Dave -
America's Alpha Male
8pm - 10pm

Bill Cunningham -
The Great American Show
10pm - 1am


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